Youth Organizer Campaign

Youth Organizers for Educational Change

The Hill District Consensus Group created a youth organizing program for High School students to work alongside our community organizing staff within the community. Recognizing the need to closely understand how community issues affect youth in the community, the Consensus Group sought high school-aged students and gave them an opportunity to learn about issues affecting the neighborhood, and greater area, and voice opinions in policy implementation.

This was a four-year-long paid endeavor, beginning May 29, 2013.  The program ended on June 30, 2017.  The Hill District Consensus Group wishes to thank The Heinz Endowments and the Three Rivers Community Fund for their support, without which Youth Organizers for Educational Change would not have been possible.  The youth organizing program provided opportunities for the community students to:


  • Operate as a group to develop and implement youth organizing projects concentrating on school and community issues.

  • Research educational issues, implement best practices, and build relationships with community organizations working to improve the environment within Pittsburgh Public Schools.

  • Learn how to use media as an organizing and social action tool in order to address school and community improvement needs.

  • Earn money to learn about youth organizing, education reform, and current events that affect the city communities’ public schools.

  • Engage with community organizations, residents and leaders to understand how to be a force for positive change.

  • In addition, at the end of the opportunity, youth organizers received Port Authority Transit passes.

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