What We Do

We work to ensure that Hill District residents have access to safe water.

We fight for safe water by holding our policy-makers accountable for making changes to the water infrastructure like replacing lead lines.  We also work with partners, such as Women for a Healthy Environment, to make sure residents have access to water filters.

We work to keep community members informed.

We review policies and other news related to Pittsburgh Water and Sewage Authority and inform Hill District residents about issues that make affect them in our community meetings and through our social media.

We work to make our community's voices heard.

We work to bring community members to concerns to policy-makers through press conferences, at PWSA board meetings, and at city council meetings to make sure policy decisions have our community’s best interests in mind.

If you are interested in learning more, providing input, or sharing your experiences or concerns or questions at a meeting, please contact us: info@hdcg.org or 412-697-4692

We collaborate with other groups in Pittsburgh fighting for our water.

We work with coalition partners from organizations all over Pittsburgh to fight for safe, affordable, public water.

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