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Hill Community Benefits Agreement

What is a 'Community Benefits Agreement'?

"Site-specific community benefits agreements (CBAs) ensure that particular projects create opportunities for local workers and communities. Often, however, these projects change the city's development paradigm: when decision makers realize what well-considered projects with specific benefits attached can bring to the community, the City enacts community benefits policies that set the stage for lifting thousands of people out of poverty. "

-Partnership for Working Families


What is the Hill District CBA?

The following Fact Sheet is an outline of the main points. You can download a copy of the entire Hill District Community Benefits Agreement.

One Hill Neighborhood Coalition

The One Hill Coalition has negotiated the first ever Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) in Pittsburgh. This agreement comes after nearly a year of negotiations with the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Sports and Exhibition Authority (SEA), the Pittsburgh Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), the City of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County. This historic first step begins the process of ensuring that major economic development projects provide concrete benefits to the communities where they are located.  

The Hill District CBA includes $8.3 million in financial resources for neighborhood improvement efforts in the Hill District, plus numerous non-financial benefits, such as a community-driven Master Development Plan, a commitment that Hill District residents will have first priority for jobs that are created in connection with the development of the Arena and adjoining area, and a commitment that those jobs will pay family sustaining wages.



The CBA provides the following:

Hill District Community Master Plan

  • The URA will fund a Master Development Plan for the Hill District, including the contracting and paying of a planning professional.

  • A Steering Committee of nine people will oversee this process: four appointed by One Hill and five appointed by public officials.  No decision will be effective if there are more than 2 dissenting votes.

  • The City and the County will use the Master Plan to guide future development of the Hill District.

  • The Hill District Master Plan will be developed between August 2008 and February 19, 2010.

  • The Penguins will not submit any development plans for the 28 acre additional redevelopment area until after this date. 

  • The development plans for the 28 acres must be consistent with the principles outlined in the Community Master Plan.


Community Services Review

  • The County will conduct a two-year review of social services in the Hill, to identify gaps or deficiencies in social services and to prioritize needs.  This assessment will assist in creating new initiatives and/or improving the quality of existing programs and services.

Grocery Store

  • Two million dollars available for establishment of a grocery store in the Hill District ($1 million from URA, $1 million from Penguins).

First Source Employment Center

  • One Hill and Hill House will establish a model referral center to connect Hill District residents with family sustaining jobs and to facilitate the admission of minorities into union apprentice programs.

  • City and County will provide $150,000 per year for at least two years.  

  • For all jobs that are created as a result of the Arena and 28 acre development, the Penguins will give first consideration to Hill District residents referred by the First Source Center, and will advise employers on those projects to do the same.

Neighborhood Partnership Program

  • The Penguins will work with One Hill to build a Neighborhood Partnership Program to be funded at $500,000 per year for 6 -12 years.

  • This will provide up to $6 million to support community and economic development, education and youth services, preservation and green spaces and drug, alcohol and mental health services in the Hill District.

  • The Penguins $1 million commitment for a grocery store will be structured in such a way as to leverage additional development and pre-development funds for the Hill.

Community Multi-Purpose Center

  • City, County and URA will assist the Pittsburgh YMCA to develop and sustain a multi purpose center for youth, family and seniors.

  • Principles governing the YMCA facility are: reduced fee/ no fee memberships to low income youth, and consideration of Hill applicants first for jobs created.

Information Concerning Arena Development and Construction

  • The SEA and the Penguins will provide information to the community concerning progress made toward meeting MBE/WBE contracting goals;    

  • The SEA and the Penguins will provide information to the community concerning progress made toward hiring Hill District residents;

  • The Penguins will endeavor to maximize business opportunities for existing Hill District businesses, and will encourage their vendors to do the same.


  • One Hill and others will withdraw their appeal of the Pittsburgh Planning Commission approval of the new Arena;

  • The Penguins will provide One Hill with copies of all development plans and work to resolve any legal or policy concerns raised by One Hill before submitting them for public approval;

  • One Hill and its members will not sue to stop future Penguins development as long as the Penguins abide by the foregoing, and as long as the development is consistent with the principles outlined in the CBA and the Hill District Community Master Plan;

  • As long as the above conditions are met and the other parties are in compliance with the CBA, One Hill will publicly support future Penguins development.  (This does not, however, obligate One Hill to support any additional public subsidy.)

  • A LEED Certification Plan will be prepared for the new Arena in keeping with Pittsburgh’s national leadership role in building “green” buildings;

  • SEA, City and County commit themselves to strict enforcement of all ordinances, regulations and laws controlling diesel fuel emissions in order to minimize the impact of such emissions on Hill District residents and Pittsburgh in general;

  • City and County will consult with One Hill for the names of Hill District residents who are interested in serving on boards and commissions – especially those related to the development and social service agencies that impact the Hill.

Family Sustaining Jobs

In a related statement of principles, the Penguins agreed that jobs created in connection with its development activities will be family sustaining jobs with health benefits:

  • Jobs created will pay area wage standards for employees in designated industries. ($12 - $30+ an hour with benefits)

  • Penguins will not interfere with workers’ rights to form a Union.

  • Penguins agree to a “card check” procedure to ensure that workers can choose Union representation without interference.

  • Penguins will encourage subcontractors, operators, and property managers to adhere to this agreement.

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